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Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch

The Oqard Pen Torch – The Must-Have Gift for Doctors, Nurses & First Responders

The Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch is the perfect gift for the medical professional in your life! Doctors, nurses, trainee doctors, nurses and medics and first responders use high quality pen torches, like the Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch, on a daily basis as a diagnostic tool, when looking at responses in their patient’s pupils, seeing how they react to the light, or when looking inside the eyes, nose, mouth or any area that is hard to reach with natural or a larger light source.

The pen torch is also used by professionals from other industries such as opticians (looking at the eyes) or the police and mechanics when they want to look into awkward areas or when using a larger light isn’t practical.

The Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch is also ideal for those wanting to travel light, whether backpacking, doing a survival course, their Duke of Edinburgh expedition or for camping trips for the Scouts, Guides or for holidays.
Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch

 The Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch with a durable, stainless pocket clip is designed for practicality. It is light and easy to carry and clips securely in a doctor, nurse or first responder's pocket, so is readily available for use any time the medical professional wants to inspect their patient’s pupil, eyes or throat etc. There is also a handy pupil gauge chart printed on the pen body.

The click switch button at the end of the cap turns on in low mode by default so the user can select the perfect level of brightness for their situation.

Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch

Importantly, unlike many other pen lights on the market, the Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch can be sanitised: the tough, durable metal surface made of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy with hard anodised military grade coating is suitable for wiping with alcohol wipes thus hygiene levels can easily be maintained.

Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch

Furthermore, the Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch:

  • Is optimised for medical diagnosis: with 5000K neutral white, high colour rendering (CRI ≥ 90) Nichia 219B LED assists medical professionals and first responders with a correct diagnosis with a light profile that resembles sunlight, which eliminates the potential of optical issues like the blue-light hazard.
  • Has three luminosities: High 180 lumens (with a 45-minutes runtime), mid 45 lumens (with 5 hours 15 mins runtime) and low 4 lumens (with an impressive 35 hours of runtime) – all powered by 2 x AAA batteries (either alkaline or NiMH rechargeable)
  • Has a long beam: with a beam distance 58 metres
  • Is slimline and lightweight (pocket size): weighing 22grams (without battery)
  • Has a stable, consistent output: the smart energy management automatically delivers constant current reducing flickering and heat output.
  • Is waterproof IPX-8: and submersible to 2m depth
  • Is impact resistant from a height of up to 1.5m 
  • has a maximum runtime of 35 hours

Read what our customers say about the Oqard Nitecore Pen Torch. 

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