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Size Matters

Ordered small but was sent medium. They sort of did the trick but would have preferred the smaller size. Had it not been for the competitive price I would have asked for a refund.

Perfect for thick paste, I used it to feed one of my rabbits everyday

The Ciringe single use syringes arrived promptly and are boxed in official packaging, each syringe is individually wrapped so great for use on the go knowing that the item being used is sterile. The plunging motion on the syringes is smooth and the markings very clear, I would recommend this product.

These are recommended by the emergency first aid at work course.

The surprise was that they say they are single use syringes. Probably are if used as intended but we're using them to accurately measure liquid plant food (new to greenhouse gardening and being very particular) and they are ideal - we use them twice a week.

Part of my business is First Aid Instructing. I use these for wiping the manikins between students. Very convenient size when dispensed; just right for wiping the manikin face, about 1/2 the size of a standard 'wet-wipe'.

The measurements are nice and clear, packaging around each syringe is good, but easy to open when wearing latex gloves.

They’re not sharp; instead they are flat edges and squared off at the tip, feel safer in using it.

Cheap syringes but they drip - not great when administering lactulose

this is just the job for in the car for our grandchild who has travel sickness

essential item for home med kit/bugout bag/ camping/ mechanics/ chefs etc, really takes the heat out after cooling your burn under cold iced water for 10 mins

Far better than 1ml pipette easy to be accurate

Does what it says on the tin

Arrived very quickly and a good price

Good quality. Very sharp,sterile and a good price.

Great for cutting a lot of different materials.

Perfect for making very accurate measurements.

Waterproof liners, plastic metal clip to seal. Put thing in the back of seats or glove compartments for car journeys! What else do you need for a sick bag?

My wife is a Registered General Nurse finds it very useful with a pupil gauge and being

Do not cause any dryness or irritation

Gtreat to use in the car and at the gym

I love these syringes. I draw with fountain pens and not all of the pens I use have refillable reservoirs. Previously I've had to keep buying ink cartridges for them (and they don't take those cheap universal ones).

I am very happy to recommend this product and will definitely be buying them again.

I use these to give my cat his medication as he will not take it in pill form. I'm no expert but they seem well worth the money