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About Us

Muzamedical’s medical supplies warehouse in Hemel Hempstead
Muzamedical was founded by husband and wife team Ani and Said in 2011. The brand name ‘Muzamedical’ actually originates from Ani’s middle name (Muza).The couple established their medical supplies store with a ‘customer is king’ mindset to provide a more knowledgeable and personalised medical supplies service where customer service reigns.

Since its inception, the Muzamedical brand has become one of the UK’s most trusted medical equipment suppliers and manufacturers, with a reputation for not only providing great value for money and speed of delivery but for their exceptional levels of customer service too.

Using their combined decades of medical industry insight and experience, the couple have been supplying medical devices (such as needles, syringes, PPE, infection control products and first aid equipment and devices) to healthcare settings, ranging from NHS and private hospitals, to diabetic centres, GP surgeries, pharmacies, physiotherapists and care homes across the UK and beyond while providing their trademark outstanding standards of customer service. Muzamedical’s clients also include first aid professionals, government departments – such as HM’s Prison service – local authorities, veterinary, beauty and weight loss clinics and more. They also sell their extensive product range direct to the public via their online store and eCommerce outlets.

Over the years, Ani and Said have seen eCommerce grow in leaps and bounds; witnessing the birth of internet shopping as we know and love it today with the launch of Amazon and eBay in the 1990s, watching the global platforms evolve into sites where just about anything can be bought and sold.

10 years trading on major selling platforms with 99.9% satisfied customer Seller Reviews speaks volumes

Matching the same high levels of service offered by the major online retailers, e.g. same day dispatch, next working day delivery, discreet packaging and live chat support whilst surpassing that service expectation with a more personalised (less automated) level of response is what Muzamedical does best! In fact, our team is highly trained and readily available to provide fast, straightforward answers to all your questions.

For us, customer service is not just about working around the clock to fulfil orders and deliver on time, every time. It’s about so much more…

As a family business, we believe in supporting all businesses in the manner they deserve – with a credit account, flexible payment options, competitive pricing, rapid delivery and exceptional customer support being just a few of the benefits on offer.

Consumers trust in our reputation while businesses rely on our industry experience and manufacturing and accreditation expertise

In any industry, reputation is always an honest marker as to whether a business fulfils their promises. We believe our happy customers speak better about our products and services than we ever could. Read what our customers are saying about us.