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About Us

Muzamedical was founded by a team of husband and wife. Together they hold decades of medical industry knowledge with direct experience in supplying medical devices to hospitals, diabetic centres, GPs and pharmacies.

Over the years, they have seen the leaps and bounds made by eCommerce; the start of internet shopping where Amazon and Ebay grew into platforms where anything can be purchased.

10 years trading on major selling platforms with 99.9% Seller Review speaks volume

We match the same high level of service that is offered by major online platform. Next working day delivery, discreet packaging, chat support and same day dispatch are what we are disciplined and trained to do expertly.

Our online first aid supplies store was created with ‘customer is king’ mindset. Our team is highly trained for fast and straightforward answers to your questions.

For us, customer service is not just working around the clock to fulfil orders and deliver on time, every time 

As a family business, we believe in supporting businesses in a way that they deserve – with a credit account, flexible payment options, competitive pricing, rapid delivery and exceptional customer support. 

Consumer trust in our reputation, and businesses rely on our experience in manufacturing and accreditation knowledge

In any industry, reputation is always an honest marker as to whether a business fulfils their promises. We believe our happy customers speak better about our products and service than we ever could. Read what our customers are saying about us