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Ciringe Disposable Syringes

by Ciringe
SKU M1C128.0P

Choose from our wide range of Ciringe disposable medical grade syringes. Our Ciringe CE marked syringes are available in a variety of nozzle luer types and sizes.

Ciringe Syringe Nozzle Types and Sizes

  • Ciringe Luer slip disposable syringes: available in 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml and 50ml sizes (the 50ml size Luer slip tip is off-centre [eccentric]. This allows an attached needle to be closer in line with the syringe walls so that the needle is virtually parallel with the injection surface).
  • Ciringe Luer lock disposable syringes: available in 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml and 50ml sizes

Ciringe Syringe Specification & Key Benefits

Key benefits of our high quality, individually wrapped, sterile CE marked Ciringe medical grade disposable syringes are:

  • CE Mark assurance – our sterile, disposable syringes are manufactured according to European Standards MDD 93/42/EEC – The CE marking confirms that the Ciringe medical device range meets all EU safety health and environmental protection requirements
  • ISO tested – Tested according to ISO 7886, ISO 10993 and ISO 11138
  • Clearly printed for precise dosage – Ciringe syringes have a clear, transparent barrel, made from medical grade polypropylene, printed with precise and long-lasting graduation marks for greater clarity, ease of reading and precise dosage management
  • Sterile and individually wrapped – Ciringe medical grade syringes are EtO sterilised in accordance with ISO 11135 and individually blister packed
  • Latex-free piston, lubricated with medical grade silicon for a smooth draw – Ciringe syringes have a latex-free piston, lubricated with silicon for a smooth draw. An internal ring in the barrel acts as a lock to ensure the plunger does not dislodge during the draw
  • Made from high-quality medical grade material, they are pyrogen-free, non-toxic and latex free
  • 3-year shelf life from date of manufacture 

Ciringe Medical Grade Syringe Clinical and Liquid Transfer Uses

Our high quality, individually wrapped, sterile, CE marked Ciringe disposable medical grade syringes are suitable for a large range of uses including NHS, hospitals, private healthcare sector, medical, clinical, dispensing, veterinary, beauty salons, aesthetics clinics, dental, human, pet and animal feeding and any other liquid transfer/administering job that requires precise dispensing, such as vaping E-Cigarette refilling, printer ink cartridge refilling, crafting, art, hobbies, painting and gluing, lubricating, plant watering, cooking, perfume mixing and filling, making Jello shots, scientific experiment use and more…

NHS enquiries and orders welcome: contact us, today and we will be happy to help.

Needles: Please note needles not are included; view our range of needles.

Disposal: We have a selection of sharps bins available for safe disposal of your clinical waste.

Discreet Packaging: All our products are posted and packaged using discreet packing with no product details on the outer packaging.

Have a question? If you have any questions about the type or size of syringe you require or would like to order in bulk please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Wrong item sent and no response to emails

I ordered four items one being 10ml syringes, as they only had the locking ones in stock I paid the slightly higher price. I received normal 3ml syringes. I emailed straight away regarding the mistake and received no response. I have received several emails regarding writing reviews for each product ordered, and advertising but none that responded to my email. I went elsewhere for the 10ml syringes. The other items were fine, they were delivered quickly.

Hello Dawn,

Our apologies again that your email was not attended in promptly manner. As we have explained, we have raised an investigation with our Technical Support on why your email was not delivered to us successfully. Meanwhile, we hope you are pleased with the replacement that we have sent out.

Stay safe, stay well.

Best regards,

Excellent product

Exactly what I was looking for and delivered fast and arrived in perfect condition

Product did not arrive

Unfortunately was lost in transit. As soon as Muzamedical was aware of this they refunded me immediately.

Hello Ben,

We are sorry that you are experiencing this. We have responded to your email privately as well explaining that the parcel has been lost in transit by the courier and we have made the necessary arrangements to solve this. Best regards, Muzamedical


Perfect for thick paste, I used it to feed one of my rabbits everyday


The Ciringe single use syringes arrived promptly and are boxed in official packaging, each syringe is individually wrapped so great for use on the go knowing that the item being used is sterile. The plunging motion on the syringes is smooth and the markings very clear, I would recommend this product.