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Oqard Lumbar Support with Gel Therapy Pocket

by Oqard
SKU A2Q204.0A
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Delivery from £3.99
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  • Oqard Lumbar Support is an anatomical lumbar support with the option of using it hot/cold gel pack.
  • The extra wide super stretchable elastic waist band supports the back without digging in, ensuring extended comfort.
  • Double pull feature of this belt with striped vents on the outside and breathable mesh 'skin side', giving you maximum comfort and security.
  • 3 vertical support as well as mesh pouches allow hot/cold gel pack to be combined with traditional anatomical lumbar support, providing maximum pain relief coverage.
  • Ideal as pain relief, swelling, muscle spasm, back stiffness, blood circulation & relaxation.

*Gel pack sold separately.

The Oqard Lumbar Support belt is made of premium breathable material that deliver both traditional lumbar support or couple it with hot and cold therapy solution for soothing chronic pain, post-surgery recovery e.g. disc injuries, back injuries and strains, general muscle soreness, inflammation, rheumatism, back spasms & stiffness whiplash, lumbago, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, bruises, postural awareness.