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Contiplan All in One Cleansing Cloths

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  • Provides a unique all-in-one action of cleansing, moisturising, anti-bacterial, antipruritic, barrier protection, deodorising and soothing.
  • Unique cream-based formula provides 3 times the barrier protection to reduce incontinence-associated dermatitis.
  • Dermatalogically tested.
  • Paraben & lanolin free.
  • pH neutral formula with witch hazel & camomile.
  • Made from thick high quality spun laced non woven

The cloths are quick and easy to use, effectively replacing traditional methods associated with continence care such as; preparing bowls of soap and water, dry wipes, cleansing foams and barrier creams.

Dermatalogically tested, Contiplan is paraben and lanolin free, containing a patented pH neutral formula with natural plant extracts of witch hazel and camomile which is designed to be very gentle on sensitive skin. (Designed to care for delicate skin.)

Incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) is an inflammation that occurs when urine and/or faeces comes into contact with the skin. IAD is a complication of incontinence that compromises skin integrity, predisposes to cutaneous infection and increases the risk of pressure ulcers. Prevention of IAD is based on avoiding or minimising exposure to the skin by the application of a skin protectant. Contiplan contains 10% barrier cream (4% dimethicone and 6 liquid paraffin) to guard against unwanted moisture and provide that crucial barrier to faeces and urine and hence prevent IAD.

   Clinell Contiplan All in One Cleansing Cloths SDS Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Do not cause any dryness or irritation


Used during stay in hospital, NHS approved


Great for babys


Bought this for my daughter on her Duke of Edinburgh challenge. Really recommend as a shower substitute, soft and gentle where have to be. Daughter was really pleased with it.


The wipes are quite large, very good and worth the money